About Us

Tiny Bright Things is transforming the way we see (and measure) tiny things.

Existing microscopy tools trade-off spatial resolution against slow and complicated workflows, blunting the cutting edge of research and undermining modern manufacturing. By reimagining the way a scene is illuminated our Halo microscopy products deliver “impossible” imaging and measurement down to the nanoscale as fast as you can take a picture, enabling whole new fields of discovery and supercharging manufacturing with real-time process insights.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make tiny accessible to everyone so that we can all see and do more.

Our Mission

Our technology empowers users to see “impossible” things, enabling whole new fields of discovery and supercharging manufacturing.

Our Values

We value integrity, simplicity and curiosity.

That means we only build and sell products that are radically better than any alternatives; that everything we make must be simple to use, understand and buy; and that we have blanket permission to try “impossible” things and to get excited about what we discover.

Our Team

Ray and Chris have a track record of recruiting support to grow their own skills, and recruiting talent to fill gaps in their expertise. Our growing team enjoys a balanced mix of engineering and commercial expertise that magnifies our technological advantages.

Chris Bolton

Co-founder & VP Software Engineering

Chris is a physicist and an engineer with a background in on-site manufacturing and design. His PhD work led to the invention of Halo microscopy.

Ray Dagastine

Co-founder & CEO

Ray has spent 20 years working at the cutting edge of nanoscience and particle technology. He has a long track record of commercialising research.