Introducing the Halo Element™

An attachment to instantly transform any standard microscope into a nanoscope.

Empowered by cutting-edge research at the University of Melbourne, the Halo Element™ enables visualisation and measurement down to the scale of viruses, drug particles and carbon nanotubes – all as fast as a camera can take pictures, and without altering the sample in any way.

Life Sciences & Industrial Biotech

Transform your microscope into a nanoscale imaging system that won’t break your sample. Dry powders or in solution, with no fluorescent tagging and with minimal sample preparation.

Manufacturing Quality Control

Complete solutions for particle metrology at any lengthscale, reporting both size and shape to nanometer precision in under a minute without altering your sample in any way. 

General Imaging & Other Applications

A new imaging modality that enables you to see what others simply can’t.

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