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Tiny Bright Things heads to Tech23

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 2 December, 2021 – Tiny Bright Things is pleased to announce its selection as one of the 23 high-growth companies shortlisted for the Tech23 Deeptech Festival in 2021.

“We’re very excited to have been included alongside such an impressive cohort,” said Ray Dagastine, co-founder of Tiny Bright Things.

“Tech23 is well-known as a megaphone for bleeding edge tech like ours. We couldn’t be more eager to be involved.”

Tiny Bright Things was cofounded in 2020 by long-time collaborators Chris Bolton and Ray Dagastine.

“We invented Halo microscopy to transform how researchers and manufacturers look at small or transparent things,” said Bolton, co-founder and chief technologist.

“By reimagining the way that a microscope illuminates samples to form images, our integrated Halo Element hardware and Halo Vision software products convert any standard light microscope into a nanoscope.”

Manufacturing and R&D spend AU$13.5B every year on microscopy and particle analysis tools that trade-off resolution against slow and complicated workflows, hampering both routine characterisation and new discovery.

“Using a trick of the light, our Halo products enable seemingly impossible nanoimaging that is both lightning fast and easy to use,” said Bolton.

The Halo system can be used by manufacturers from agrichemicals to pharmaceuticals to researchers at every stage of discovery.

Halo: a gamechanger for microscopy. Making the tiny accessible to everyone.

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